5 Tips for Heartworm Prevention

Teenie the Tiny Dog Enjoying the Sun

5 Tips for Heartworm Prevention for Happy, Healthy Dogs Hey there, fellow dog lovers — we’re here to talk about heartworm prevention for dogs. We know that taking care of your best friend is your top priority, but some pet health concerns may seem overblown, right? We get it. With so much information out there,…

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Grooming Your Dog from Puppy to Senior in Herndon VA

Archer gets groomed in Herndon VA

As many would tell you, the happiness of your dog is the product of good grooming, proper and healthy food, and exercise. Wondering why grooming is important for your four-legged friend? Wondering how to groom your dog from a pup to senior in Herndon? You’re in the right place! Regardless of their age, dogs need…

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Help! Is My Dog's Play Happy or Harmful?

dog boarding chantilly va

Dog parks are a great place to take your dog to burn off some energy and make new friends, but we’ve all witnessed owners who aren’t moderating their dog’s behavior or who don’t step in when things go too far. Always know when to intervene to keep things friendly! A good sign of respectful play…

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DIY Dog Grooming Tips in Northern VA

diy dog grooming in herndon, va

Here Are Some DIY Tips for Bathing or Grooming Your Dog At Home Image Credit: Unsplash As a responsible Northern VA dog owner, you want to make sure your pooch is getting the right care, and quality dog grooming is essential to keep your pet happy and healthy. Not only does bathing and grooming give…

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Winter Grooming & Haircuts for Northern VA Dogs

dog grooming northern va

Even though Northern Virginia winters have become milder over the years, we’re still a far cry from the 90-100 degree temps we see in the summer, so chances are you’ve thought about skipping your dog’s haircuts for the season, or having your groomer take less length off during their regular grooming sessions. Many clients that…

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Dog Day Care Benefits for the Anti-Social Dog

Many Northern Va dog owners choose dog day care for their puppy to help with socialization, but did you know doggie day care can be enjoyable for older or non-playful dogs too? If you’ve got an older dog who likes other pups but doesn’t engage in play much, or a dog who doesn’t object to…

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Tips for a Stress-Free Dog Boarding Stay in Northern VA

dog day care nap time in chantilly va

Even if you are a busy Washingtonian dog parent and don’t take too many vacations, chances are that dog boarding at some point in your pup’s lifetime is almost inevitable – hopefully you’ll choose one that offers dog day care and grooming as well! Whether you’re traveling, a friend is unavailable, or there’s an emergency,…

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Is Dog Daycare Right for Your Dog?

nap time at dog day care near Ashburn va

How do you know if doggy daycare is right for your dog? As all dog owners know, it’s fun to have a newly adopted puppy around the house — but as they start to grow, keeping up with both their mental and physical needs can be a lot of work. As a dog reaches the…

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