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Separation Anxiety in Dogs: How Doggy Daycare Can Help

Dog Daycare helps pups with separation anxiety!

Separation anxiety is something that many dogs suffer from. If you’ve owned a dog and had to leave it for a day, you would have experienced this.

Some dogs are exceptions and may find ways of entertaining themselves while their owners are away. However, most dogs get seriously distressed when they are left alone.

Fortunately, most dogs have minor cases of separation anxiety that can be easily treated. Only a few cases require specialized treatment.

Doggy daycare is a place that could help with separation anxiety. However, many people ask, ‘is a dog anxious at daycare?’ Here’s a guide on separation anxiety in dogs and how doggy daycare can help.

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Common Symptoms

Separation anxiety occurs within your dog, and you cannot read its mind to know what’s going on. However, your dog may show some of the below symptoms if it has separation anxiety:

  • Continuous barking, whining, or howling
  • Trembling
  • Sweaty footpads, which lead to wet pawprints
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive chewing
  • Digging at specific exit points of the house
  • Pacing and not resting in one place
  • Attempting to run away from its crate or the backyard
  • Peeing inside the house

If the above symptoms occur mainly when you are about to leave, it could signify that your dog has separation anxiety. If so, it’s time you start treatment for your dog.

What Causes Separation Anxiety In Dogs?

There is no single thing that causes separation anxiety in dogs. However, it could be caused due to one of the following factors:

  • When you change your dog’s schedule. Dogs often get used to a routine, and any deviation from this could cause them to feel insecure and upset.
  • When you change houses. It takes time for both you and your dog to adjust to the new space.
  • When there is a family change. If you’ve just acquired your dog, it might take time to adjust to its new owners.
  • Changes in companionship. Your dog will be impacted if it loses one of its pack members. It could also feel the same when one of your children leaves for school.

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Separation Anxiety In Dogs: How Doggy Care Can Help?

Any dog owner wishes to keep their dogs under excellent care when they are away. Doggy care can help with this and ensure your dog stays happy and healthy while you’re not around.

However, many people worry that their dogs may get anxious at daycare. 

Is A Dog Anxious At Daycare?

If treated well, a dog will not be anxious at daycare. Instead, good daycare can help treat separation anxiety in dogs. 

Doggy daycare has a skilled and experienced staff that knows how to handle a dog with separation anxiety. 

How Doggy Care Can Help?

Here is how doggy daycare can help in managing dogs that have separation anxiety.

Create A Routine

A change in your dog’s daily routine could easily trigger separation anxiety. Dogs get used to an established routine, and deviating from it in any way could make your dog feel insecure.

Dogs prefer familiarity and consistency as much as humans do. Taking them to a doggy daycare established a routine that they get used to over time.

It helps your dog get out of the house and keeps it from getting upset or lonely when you leave for work.

Practice Social Skills

Doggy day care also helps your dog in improving its socialization skills. It is especially helpful if your dog has yet to be socialized much as a puppy.

At doggy daycare, your dog is added to group play so that it gets to mingle with dogs of similar temperaments. The staff at doggy daycare allows your dog ample time to get used to it so that it can gradually improve its socialization skills.

A dog with improved social skills will slowly move away from separation anxiety as it feels more secure and confident.

Get Plenty Of Exercises

Keeping your dog in a doggy daycare gives it plenty of opportunity to play with other dogs. It works in giving your dog the exercise that it requires to stay healthy.

Regular exercise helps reduce stress, maintain a healthy weight, and keep joints active. It will release excess energy in your dog that could otherwise manifest as anxiety.

Group play allows your dog to make friends with other dogs. It greatly helps in eliminating separation anxiety in your dog.
Healthy Hound Playground provides daycare, kenneling, and grooming facilities to dogs. They ensure your dog stays safe and happy away from home. It is the ideal place for your dog to eliminate separation anxiety.

Can Dog Training Help With Separation Anxiety?

Dog training can immensely help with separation anxiety in dogs. Dogs tend to show destructive behavior when they know you are about to leave.

You can train your dog to avoid such situations from occurring. For example, you can get a kennel and put your dog in it when you are about to leave. Ensure the door is open, and you leave a few chew toys inside it for your dog.

There are many excellent online dog training classes that can help you train your dog to deal with this kind of situation. Check out the virtual classes on dog training to help manage separation anxiety in dogs.


Separation anxiety is common in dogs but can be treated using the correct methods. Doggy daycare could help dogs with separation anxiety.

Things like group play in doggy daycare help dogs play together and are comfortable. It helps eliminate the feeling of missing home or their owner, which is usually the reason for separation anxiety in dogs.

Choose an appropriate doggy daycare to help your dog escape this situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Doggy Daycare Good For Dogs With Separation Anxiety?

Doggy daycare is a great way to help dogs with separation anxiety. It gives dogs adequate exercise and socialization while also getting them used to a routine.

What Are The Signs That Indicate A Dog Has Separation Anxiety?

Signs that indicate a dog has separation anxiety include barking, howling, whining, trembling, losing appetite, and excessive chewing.