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Dog Day Care Benefits for the Anti-Social Dog


Many Northern Va dog owners choose dog day care for their puppy to help with socialization, but did you know doggie day care can be enjoyable for older or non-playful dogs too? If you’ve got an older dog who likes other pups but doesn’t engage in play much, or a dog who doesn’t object to company but mostly lounges around, dog day care can be beneficial for them in a different way than it would be for a puppy. In the same way any human senior living home will provide diverse activities for its occupants, day care can provide physical and mental stimulation for your older canine while you’re away, giving your dog the choice to find a companion to share a bed with or just watch the other kids at play.

dog day care nap time in chantilly va
Self imposed nap time during doggy daycare.

Giving a senior dog access to a calm dog day care setting where they can gossip and lounge with other older dogs can be incredibly reinvigorating, especially if the group playroom’s energy level isn’t too crazy and the young ones watch where they step. Many older pups can be seen wagging their tails watching others play, just like someone enjoying a close football match. They might not be up and about, but their minds are active and they love it! And for dogs of a certain age who might suddenly find themselves the only pup in the house after years of sharing that title, dog day care can help a depressed or anxious pet from feeling too alone.

Many dogs did not have access to proper socialization at a young age, or if you adopted an older dog, you may not know their history. You might think it’s too late for them to start dog day care, and in some cases they may prefer no contact with other pups, but many will want to be social, given the right circumstances. There are plenty of dogs who come into doggy day care that like their personal space, and who can get rather touchy about it. After all, dogs have personalities just like us! And as long as they know to walk away from any dogs who are upsetting them, dog day care can ease your mind about helping them get the socialization they need without pushing too hard on their personal boundaries. If you have an aloof dog, look for a daycare that offers spacious playrooms with plenty of corners and beds for your dog to lounge on, as well as rooms separated by energy or dog size. 

a senior dog enjoys dog day care in northern va
Zena taking it all in at her favorite dog day care.

There are tons of dogs who don’t do much in the playroom, but are clearly over the moon when their owners drop them off and are reluctant to leave. Some even decide to step onto the field when they feel the atmosphere is right — and if they do, day care attendants familiar with your dog’s personality will be there to help make sure they don’t get overwhelmed. These types of dogs provide an invaluable service to the rest of their doggie day care playmates as well, especially the puppies, as a visual reminder to take a break and snooze every once in a while. And if your dog asserts themselves in a non-aggressive way (showing a little teeth or a warning growl), more rambunctious pups will begin to learn proper pack behavior from them when asking if they can play. 

If you’ve got an inexperienced older dog or a sleepy pup who could use some excitement in the Sterling, Reston or Herndon area, bring them by for an dog day care intro! The different personality types in a playroom are what make it such a fascinating place for dogs of all ages and speeds.