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Grooming Your Dog from Puppy to Senior in Herndon VA

Archer gets groomed in Herndon VA

As many would tell you, the happiness of your dog is the product of good grooming, proper and healthy food, and exercise. Wondering why grooming is important for your four-legged friend? Wondering how to groom your dog from a pup to senior in Herndon? You’re in the right place!

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Regardless of their age, dogs need grooming. As your puppy grows, the need for grooming becomes even more critical. The thing is, grooming helps your dogs to be happy and healthy.

Why is grooming important for your dog?

Grooming is a crucial part of your dog’s health regimen. It helps in ensuring that your dog is healthy. Here is why it is important:

  • Grooming helps in eliminating the coat of shed hair.
  • Grooming helps in spreading natural essential oils throughout your dog’s body.
  • Clipping nails keeps your dog comfortable.
  • Grooming also helps you adjust your dog’s coat levels as per the season.

With that said, your furry loved ones need care and love. To keep your pet happy and well-kept, it is crucial to find a groomer or a grooming place. Organizations like Healthy Hound Playground and Grooming Salon & Spa in Herndon VA help your pet find happiness, be it through dog daycare, boarding or their grooming spa!

Grooming your Dog: From a puppy to a senior dog

Most likely, you will see your dog get older with you. Your happy little four-legged friend will slowly put on years, and the care you give to them will only increase with time.

Make sure that grooming is an integral part of your pet’s day and care routine. With that said, here is how you can groom your pet from a pup to seniority:

Grooming a Puppy

A puppy does not need a lot of grooming, to be honest. The coats of puppies are on the fluffier side. During the first six months, the puppy’s coat is just there to help the puppy to feel warm and stay safe.

You won’t find tangles or see the coat matting, and that is because the puppy’s coat does not have an undercoat yet. As your puppy grows and becomes an adult, your puppy’s coat will begin to change and need constant grooming.

However, it is a good idea to groom your pup from the beginning. Wondering why? Here are some reasons:

  • Despite your puppy’s soft and untangled coat, you need to train your pup. Grooming your pet from the beginning will help your pup to get used to the idea of being groomed.
  • Grooming and brushing will train your pet to become accustomed to the sensations, which will then not cause issues as the pup grows.
  • Grooming your pet during the early stages of their life will help you to create a routine for your pet. You can help your pet to grow and learn how to behave at such times.
  • This time can also be used to help you train your pet to get accustomed to yummy rewards after the grooming session.

How to go about grooming your puppy?

With that said, if you are worried about how to groom your puppy, then here’s what you can do:

  • Groom your pup at home in the beginning. Keep the grooming sessions upbeat and short, followed by high-value treats.
  • Once your pet is used to grooming sessions at home, take your pup to a professional groomer.

Grooming an adult dog.

By the time your dog is an adult, they know what to expect. You won’t have to go through the initial stages where you’d have to train your pet to sit still. Here is how to groom an adult dog:

  • Keep the brushing and grooming sessions frequent. Frequent brushing will get rid of excess hair and dead skin.
  • Bathe your pet frequently as well. Once in every fifteen-twenty days is a good way to keep your pet comfortable and happy. However, if you make use of high-quality shampoos, weekly baths for your pet would not be harmful.
  • When you bathe your pet, remember that you don’t leave any residue behind. During colder days, blow-dry your dog and keep them warm after the bath.

Grooming a senior dog.

For senior dogs, you need to be extra careful. Here is what you should keep in mind:

  • Take special care of your dog’s paws and nails. Be gentle, senior dogs can potentially get hurt more easily than younger pups.
  • You should keep your dog clean and tidy. Trimming is necessary.
  • Remember to keep your pet’s eyes and private areas clean. As your pet ages, everything should be kept nice and tidy.
  • Keeping your pet’s body clean is imperative.

What to keep in mind?

When you have to take care of your pet, remember to keep the following things in mind:

  • Taking your pet to a groomer is always a good idea. Groomers know exactly what to do and how to keep your pet comfortable.
  • You can bathe your pets at home, but remember to use high-quality products to take better care of their coats.
  • Remember to use pet-specific products. Be it nail clippers or shampoos; find something that is made just for your pet.
  • If you are not sure of what your pet needs, ask a groomer. Find specific products as per your pet’s breed.

With that said, you can find the perfect way to help your pet stay healthy and happy.

Apart from grooming your pet, exercise is very important. Take your pet out for walks and runs. Furthermore, you should think about taking your dog to playdates and daycares, where they can meet and play with other dogs.

To keep your pet happy around the clock, get some toys as well. Grooming alone won’t keep your pet happy, which is why you should take special care of your dog by keeping them active as well.