Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will it take for my dog to be groomed?

Generally, baths can take up to two hours to be completed from the time of drop off, and haircuts take up to three hours.

Why is there a cancellation fee for grooming?

At Healthy Hound, our groomers work solely on commission. When you make an appointment you reserve a spot that no one else will be able to take. No shows and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice typically do not allow enough time to rebook that appointment slot in the groomer’s day. This structure is the same you will find in a human hair salon or day spa.

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    Daycare & Boarding

Do packages expire?

Our 5 &10 Full Day, Half Day, and Treadmill packages never expire and you are welcome to use them any time.

Unlimited packages expire the associated number of weeks from the date of purchase.

All package types can be applied towards boarding.

What is your evaluation process?

At Healthy Hound, your dog’s playgroup introduction/evaluation will be on their first day of daycare, and there is no extra charge for this service. A trained staff member will gradually integrate your dog with the appropriate pack. There is not a standard duration for an introduction – some dogs take only a few minutes, while others can take longer. After the introduction has occurred, and your pup has been given some time to adjust, you will receive a call from the supervisor to advise you on how things went.

How are the playrooms separated?

Each of our playrooms is set up to accommodate dogs of similar size and energy levels.

How many dogs are in each playroom?

The number of dogs in each playroom will vary from day to day. It will also fluctuate depending on the size of the playroom and number of attendants to ensure we have a safe and comfortable environment.

Can I see the dogs play, or enter the playroom with the dogs?

We allow new customers to view their dog in the playroom at the end of their first visit, provided the customer comes to pick up before 4pm. If this is not feasible on the first visit, we will gladly arrange it for a different visit. Some folks wonder why they cannot see their dog play in the rooms more often. This is due to dog and employee safety; each time a new person enters the playroom area, the dogs pick up their scent and often become excited which can create a potential safety hazard. For this same reason, we do not allow customers in our playrooms.

Why don’t you have webcams?

At Healthy Hound we provide the opportunity for customers to observe their dog in the play area at the end of one of their first visits. We believe that this gives our customers ample visibility and understanding of how our daycare rooms are structured and supervised. In an effort to keep daycare prices as low as possible, we believe there are other service factors that are more important and vital to the health, safety, and wellbeing the dogs in our care. For example, we do not charge for regular outdoor potty breaks, lunch breaks for puppies, house food for boarders, and medication administration.

Ultimately, we feel that trust is a key component of making a decision to leave your family member in our care. We welcome the opportunity for you to tour our facility to see for yourself the level of care our employees offer, and the happiness of the dogs while they enjoy our services. As you can see by our extensive 5 star reviews, we consistently strive to provide your dog with same care that we provide to our own.

Why don’t all dogs get report cards?

All customers are welcome to inquire about how their dog enjoyed their daycare or boarding stay with our reception staff. We pride ourselves on giving honest feedback to ensure that parents have an understanding of how their dog behaves in our pack.

Completing report cards on a daily basis for all dogs in our care would be a time consuming use of resources that we believe is better spent focusing on the health, safety, and care of your dog.

For our boarding guests we do offer a “Pupdate” for a nominal $5 fee that includes pictures of your pet with a detailed description of their experience. We prefer to utilize this method so that a dedicated staff member may provide something meaningful to parents that are spending the night away from their pup.

Parents are always welcome to check with staff at pick up to inquire how their dog’s day went.

What cleaning products are used in the room for accidents?

256 by Top Performance is a veterinary grade cleaner commonly used by vet hospitals, dog boarding, and grooming facilities across the country. It is approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19 Coronavirus. It is a is a powerful, concentrated, multi-purpose disinfectant and deodorizer that provides area control of staph, salmonella, E. coli, bordetella bronchiseptica, adenovirus, canine distemper, feline picornavirus, HIV-1, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, rabies, herpes, pseudorabies, respiratory syncytia, streptococcus, and canine parvovirus. It kills canine influenza, plus over 50 other viruses and pathogens.

My dog had the bordetella vaccine, how did they get kennel cough?

Like the flu vaccine in humans, bordetella is an excellent preventative for kennel cough but does not offer 100% guarantee of protection. Unfortunately some dogs can be asymptomatic carriers of kennel cough and exposure can happen without any visible indicators. Kennel cough can be spread via aerosolized droplets, sharing a water bowl, and through saliva during play. All dogs that take part in group play or board with us are required to have the bordetella vaccine. In the event that a dog in our care exhibits any symptoms of kennel cough, they are immediately quarantined and parents are requested to pick up as soon as possible.

When was the last time my dog received a walk or used the restroom? How many walks did they receive?

Our daycare walks take place at 9am and 1pm. If your dog is with us they will be walked at these times.

For our boarding guests, in addition to the walk times above, they also receive walks at 6:30am and 9pm.

What are the feeding times for breakfast and dinner? How many times a day are the dogs fed?

Our meals take place at 6am for breakfast, 11am-12pm for lunch, and 7pm for dinner. We do not provide meals outside of these times. Breakfast and dinner are only provided for our boarding guests.

What brand and formula is the house food? Is there an extra charge if I want my dog to be fed house food?

We provide Costco’s Nature’s Domain Salmon Meal and Sweet Potato dry food. There is no additional charge for your dog to use our food. Please be mindful that switching your dog’s food may result in diarrhea.

Why has my dog lost weight?

It is extremely common for dogs to lose weight during a boarding stay, especially if they are not used to doing daily daycare. Dogs burn an extensive number of calories during the 12 hours of daily cage-free daycare. Dogs can also become finicky eaters when staying in an unfamiliar place. If you are concerned about your dog potentially losing weight, please make sure to increase feeding amounts when providing meal instructions and food for their stay.

What do I need to bring for daycare & boarding?

For daycare, all you need to bring is your pup! Feel free to bring lunch if they are under 1 year. Check out our  boarding page to learn about what to bring when you board your pet.

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