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New Puppy / Recently Adopted Dog Playgroup – Saturdays at Healthy Hound Playground

dog day care ashburn va

If you are one of the many generous households near Reston and Herndon Va who transformed the necessity of being at home for the foreseeable future into an opportunity to adopt a new dog, we want to sincerely thank you! Now that you have your new pup home, its time to think about things like dog grooming to keep your dog spiffed up and looking their best, and also about socialization. A great way to socialize your new dog during this time of social distancing is to take them to dog day care!

dog day care reston
Cinnamon gives her welcome howl to new playmates at dog day care.

With dog parks closed and frequent fraternizing with other neighborhood dog owners generally frowned upon, socializing with dogs outside of the immediate household is a real challenge. And dogs that aren’t properly socialized can have lingering, and sometimes lasting behavioral issues.

Before you panic, there is a simple solution. Doggie day care is an excellent means of socializing your dog with other well-behaved dogs, while also burning off some extra energy. There are a number of dog day care facilities in the area to choose from. But instead of adding to your to-do list, check out Healthy Hound Playground in Sterling ( on the boarder of Herndon ), which is a 5-10 minute from both Ashburn and Reston.

In response to our current conditions, Healthy Hound has created a special day care camp on Saturdays over the next few weeks specifically for those who have recently been adopted. We have committed a dedicated play room for puppies and newly adopted dogs that might require special attention with socialization skills. Of course, you are welcome to try day care at any time, but the Saturday sessions will be slightly tailored for those with lower (or unknown) socialization exposure.

If you are interested in trying day care, feel free to enroll your dog to ensure that they meet our requirements.