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Winter Grooming & Haircuts for Northern VA Dogs

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Even though Northern Virginia winters have become milder over the years, we’re still a far cry from the 90-100 degree temps we see in the summer, so chances are you’ve thought about skipping your dog’s haircuts for the season, or having your groomer take less length off during their regular grooming sessions.

dog grooming in northern va
Regular brushing during the winter months is important!

Many clients that opt for the ‘summer shave down’ prefer to have our dog groomers take less hair off for their fall and winter haircuts during their monthly grooming. Most groomers use clippers to cut the body of your dog’s coat and often clients will ask the groomer to use a special clip comb that will leave an extra inch or two during the cooler months. Does the extra fur or hair make a difference to your pup? Very possibly!

Giving your dog a longer haircut during the winter months is definitely not a must however. Many groomers will argue that you should give your dog the haircut you like best, no matter what season it is. If regular grooming is something you have invested in for your dog to maintain their health and doggon good looks, we say absolutely – your pup should get a groom that both helps to maintain healthy skin and a fresh coat, and a haircut style that you simply can’t resist seeing them in.

dog grooming in herndon va
astro the goldendoodle dog gets a haircut in herndon va

Finally, some clients will opt for their dogs to stop getting haircuts altogether in the winter months – but does that mean you should skip the grooming session altogether? Absolutely not. Aside from haircuts, your dog’s regular grooming appointments include a host of other services that are essential to your pup’s wellbeing. Monthly bathing is important for maintaining the health, texture and sheen of your dog’s coat. Regular brush outs, and especially a good blow out, will help reduce any matting that will be more likely to occur as your pup’s hair gets longer. Regular nail clipping and filing is important to your dog’s health as without it, the quick in your pups nails will continue to get longer – meaning it will be more difficult to have them trimmed down in the future. Lastly, just because your dog will be growing out most of their coat, doesn’t mean they don’t need to get a touch up around their face, feet and fanny!

To conclude, no matter what type of haircut or style your prefer for your dog during our Northern VA winters, bring your dog in for grooming at Healthy Hound Playground and Salon & Spa and our groomers will help maintain your dog’s coat and nails year round!