Grooming Salon & Spa Let us pamper your pup from head to paw.

Your satisfaction and your dog’s health and safety is our focus.

Speak directly with your dog’s groomer to ensure that your dog is groomed to your expectations.


Expert Haircuts

Let our professional groomers style your dog any way you want!

Our premium haircut grooming service incorporates a soothing Spa Bath, which includes a nail trim & filing, anal gland expression, a gentle ear cleaning, and of course the haircut and style of your choice. Please note that final pricing is based on coat length, thickness and prior maintenance.

Small25 lbs or less$65 – $80
Medium26 – 65 lbs$80 – $95
Large66 – 90 lbs$95 – $110
Giant91+ lbs$110 – $125

Haircuts generally take 2.5 to 3 hours to complete from the time of drop off.

Deluxe Bathing Services

Make your Dog Pop at our Grooming Shop!

Basic Bath

With our Basic Bath your pup will receive a soothing oxygen infused bath with our signature shampoo, then towel and blow dry, and finish with a quick brushing.

Short, Thin CoatMedium CoatThick, Coarse Coat
Short, Thin Coat
Medium Coat
Thick, Coarse Coat

Small 25 lbs or less

Short, Thin Coat$30
Medium Coat$35
Thick, Coarse Coat$40

Medium 26 – 65 lbs

Short, Thin Coat$40
Medium Coat$45
Thick, Coarse Coat$50

Large 66 – 90 lbs

Short, Thin Coat$50
Medium Coat$60
Thick, Coarse Coat$70

Giant 91+ lbs

Short, Thin Coat$60
Medium Coat$70
Thick, Coarse Coat$80

Bath’s generally take up to 2 hours to complete from the time of drop off.

Spa Bath

Give your dog the works with our Spa Bath. This package provides your dog with everything included in our Basic Bath, as well as a nail trim & filing, anal gland expression, and gentle ear cleaning.

Short, Thin CoatMedium CoatThick, Coarse Coat
Short, Thin Coat
Medium Coat
Thick, Coarse Coat

Small 25 lbs or less

Short, Thin Coat$45
Medium Coat$50
Thick, Coarse Coat$55

Medium 26 – 65 lbs

Short, Thin Coat$55
Medium Coat$60
Thick, Coarse Coat$65

Large 66 – 90 lbs

Short, Thin Coat$65
Medium Coat$75
Thick, Coarse Coat$85

Giant 91+ lbs

Short, Thin Coat$75
Medium Coat$85
Thick, Coarse Coat$95

Bath’s generally take up to 2 hours to complete from the time of drop off.

Bathing Add-On Options

Get your Groom on at our Dog Salon.

+$25 Hair, Hair Everywhere!

Is excessive shedding an issue with your pup’s coat? We’ve got the solution!-Deshed
This upgrade includes our highly effective de-shedding shampoo and conditioner, a gentle scrub with our specialized tools and is finished off with a de-shedding brush and blow-out.

+$25 Whiten and Brighten

Leaves coat bright and shiny, highlighting whites.
With our special brightening shampoo and conditioner your dog’s coat will come out bright and shiny with any whites in their coat appearing highlighted. Your dog will also be pampered with our Blueberry Facial, which both cleanses the face and helps to remove tear stains. You’re dog’s spa day will be completed with a gentle tooth brushing to enhance those pearly whites.

+$25 The Icky Itchy

Is your dog itching, scratching, or scooting? Let us hope relieve the itch!
Your dog will receive a soothing spa bath with our medicated shampoo to relieve itchiness from a range skin conditions including those associated with yeast and bacteria. A deep conditioner will then be applied to calm the skin and prevent dandruff.

+$5 Blueberry Facial

Helps remove tear & beard stains. 

Our tear-free formula is made with natural ingredients like oatmeal and blueberries. It gently exfoliates, helping to remove tear and beard stains. It is designed with aromatherapy to provide a soothing experience for your pup.

Shampoo & Conditioning Menu

+$5 Color Concerns

Black as Night
Intensifies the black and blue while helping to eliminate red tones, brassiness, and sun fading.

Aloe Bluing Shampoo
Brightens any color coat – makes white coats sparkle, and takes the rust out of black coats.

+$5 Aromatic

Plum Silky Shampoo
Plum Silky Conditioner
Mediterranean Magic! Shampoo
Berry Gentle Tearless Shampoo
Sweet Passion Puppy Shampoo
Blueberry Dew Shampoo
Blueberry Conditioner
Lavender Shampoo

+$0 Sensitive Skin

Hypoallergenic Shampoo

+$5 Texture

Almond Crisp Shampoo
Leaves a coarse crisp coat. Adds texture, volume, and sheen as seen on show dogs.

+$5 Moisture & Skin Concerns

Shea Butter Shampoo:
Aids in the relief of various types of skin irritations. Repairs and promotes hair growth; stops breakage.

Shea Butter & Argan Oil Conditioner
Detangles and leaves coat healthy and luxurious with a light clean fragrance.

Acai Conditioner
An exceptionally rich hydrating conditioner leaves a lustrous shine while revitalizing depleted coats.

Aloe Shampoo
Deep cleansing conditioning shampoo; creamy and gentle with a fresh herbal fragrance.

Oatmeal Shampoo
Emollient shampoo used to help relieve the itching and discomfort associated with dry, flaky skin.

Oatmeal Conditioner
A soothing coat conditioner that’s great for itchy, dry, flaky skin or light dander.

A La Carte Services

Nail Trim & Grind$15
Gentle Ear Cleaning$10
Tooth Brushing$10
Anal Gland Expression$10
Face, Feet & Fanny Trim$15
Complete Brush Out$1/min
Finishing Fragrance$3

Unexpected Encounters

Pepe Le Pew – Deskunking
Your dog will receive a soak in our homemade shampoo to remove any trace of skunk. We will then provide a full spa bath to bring back a fresh scent to the coat and finish with a tooth brushing.
Flee Fleas! – Flea Bath
Using our specialized all natural shampoo and specific tools, we will rid your dog of those pesky little buggers, soothe agitated skin with a deep conditioner, and finish with a tooth brushing.


Please note that we will need vaccination records prior to your appointment. You may email or upload them to your customer profile

As a gentle reminder, at Healthy Hound it is the customer’s responsibility to provide vaccination records in order to use our services. Our staff is not responsible for calling vets.

BordetellaRequired (6 month vaccine highly encouraged!)

For Grooming Only appointments, please contact us directly prior to your appointment if your dog is not currently vaccinated with Bordetella or Distemper. We will still be able to accommodate, but will need for you to sign a waiver.

Additional Fees & Terms

  • While we try to give every dog the best, most relaxing grooming experience possible, in the event of an uncooperative and/or aggressive dog we will do all we can to ease them through our process, though a special handling fee of up to $50 may be added, after consulting with the owner.
  • Up to 30 minutes of brushing is included in our pricing. Should your dog require longer than 30 minutes to be brushed out, $1 per each additional minute will be charged.
  • Note on Matting: Mats are often a problem with some dog coats; many mats can be eliminated with special tools and patience, while others will need clippers. However, if your dog is heavily matted, we may not be able to provide a bath, and may give you the option to have your dog shaved prior to bathing.
  • Multi dog discounts are not applied for grooming services.


  • We require credit cards to be on file for all grooming clients.
  • Cancellations are accepted up to 24 hours prior to an appointment.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of reservations with grooming appointments must be done via email or phone, and will result in a $25 fee that will be automatically charged to your credit card.
  • Please remember that our groomers work on commission; last minute cancellations do not allow them time to rebook with another client.