Dog Training

In Fairfax and Loudoun County, we provide Customized Dog Training to all cities including Reston, Ashburn, Sterling, Chantilly, Centreville, Dulles, Great Falls, and Herndon. Learn about our experienced Northern VA Dog Trainer below:

One-on-One Training with Isaac Terrell

If your dog is demonstrating any undesired behavior such as Generalized Aggression, Leash/Toy/Resource Aggression, Unwanted Jumping, Obsessive/Compulsive behavior, Fear of Bikes/Cars/Children, Excessive Barking, etc. and would like assistance addressing these issues, we can help. Our Trainer and Animal Behaviorist, Isaac Terrell, can work with you on how to effectively address these concerns, correct, and ultimately remove these behaviors. For more intense and deeply rooted behavior modifications your dog may also work for an extended period of time with Isaac at his home with his pack to learn and practice new behaviors 24/7. During these sessions Isaac will work with you as well to reinforce their newly learned behaviors upon their return home. Our goal is to identify and educate dog owners on the root cause of undesired behaviors and provide the proper training techniques to practice at home in order to alleviate them. If your dog’s behavior is isolated to certain circumstances or conditions only present at home, we also offer home visits. It is our goal at Healthy Hound Playground and IsysWays to help our customers transform their dog into the dog they've always wanted. It is possible! Call or email to schedule your training today.


About Isaac Terrell

trainIsaac has been around dogs his whole life. Ever since he was young, he has been interested in the psychology of humans and dogs. After high school, Isaac went to college to study human psychology while working part-time for a dog training company. It was during this time that the concept of intertwining human psychology and dog training became clear. While working with the dog training company, it was noticeable that many trainers only focus on one specific way to train a dog, no matter the owner’s disposition or the way the dog behaves. Isaac believes that there is no one specific way to train. Training should depend of what the dog responds to best. Thus, the name Isy’s Ways was born, believing that there is not just one Way, but many Ways to train a dog. For example, a dog could show behavior that someone believes to be aggression, but in fact, the dog just needs more exercise (lure, flirt pole) to unleash their prey drive. Isaac believes that 98% of dogs can be trained by following the rules of exercise, discipline and affection no matter the breed, age, or past experience. It is coordinating the type of training method that works best for the dog and owner that creates a successfully trained dog!

Customer Testimonial

"There was that little inner panic when we were out walking him, "please don't let us see another dog, person, his excitement, he will pull me off my feet..." Dogs sense that. And take total advantage of it! Walking my dog with Isaac, I realized Isaac was first patiently training me, so he could train the dog. Strong posture, controlled voice, steady walk. Me...not the dog! Isaac has a calm presence, and a strong intuitive command over dogs. They immediately respond to him and respect him. Our Bernese is now over 100 pounds, heading to his full grown weight of about 135. He heels perfectly by my side when I walk him. And, even in off leash areas, I don't fear he will run off, chase another dog, or jump on a passerby. He responds to sit, down, stay, heel, and come, beautifully. Isaac has done such a great job training our dog (and us), we confidently just got another one..."