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If Dogs Ran Doggy Day Care . . .


April 18th is Pet Owner’s Independence Day. This a fun holiday for pet owners in which they can imagine switching places with their favorite furry friend. There’s no denying that we at Healthy Hound Playground are big fans of our furry friends, so this holiday has us quite excited! It has also got us thinking, “What would it be like if dogs ran doggy day care?” Here is what we imagine a typical day at doggy day care to be like if run by man’s best friend.doggie

5:00 A.M. – The day starts bright and early at 5 a.m. All dogs gather around in a circle to see who can bark the loudest. The hounds and the beagles usually win this competition, but sometimes the poodles put up quite a fight, too. Instead of yelling at us to “be quiet and go to sleep,” the humans clap and cheer us on. The winner receives a big juicy steak.

7:00 A.M. – After all of the barking, us dogs get quite thirsty. At home, our owners usually make us drink from a bowl. But bowls are no fun! Any dog knows that the freshest water comes straight out of the toilet. We all get our own huge toilet to drink from as we please.

7:30 A.M. – Now that we’ve all had a nice drink from our own personal toilets, we’re feeling pretty hungry. Our humans all work hard to prepare a nice meal for us. It’s a nice big juicy steak, cut in perfect squares, and served with fresh homemade gravy. And we get to eat right off the table. We don’t even have to use those annoying, restrictive bowls!

8:30 A.M. – That breakfast sure was great, but now we really have to go! All of the dogs run outside as fast as we can in order to ensure we find the perfect spot before someone else does! We don’t have to wear those stupid leashes, either. We are free to run around as we please! Some of us take our time a bit and flirt around with other dogs. The humans give us our privacy and don’t wait around with us. They trust that we’ll come back when we’re finished (even if it does take a bit longer than it probably should).

10:00 A.M. – It’s already been such an exhausting morning! Barking, drinking from toilets, eating, going to the bathroom, and even flirting with other dogs! We’re all feeling a bit tired right now, so we lay down for a nap. Every dog gets their own large bed to sleep in. It’s not one of those lame doggy beds, either. It’s actually the exact same bed that our owners use. We even get a human of our own to pet, hold, cuddle, and baby us until we fall sound asleep. To us, this is heaven!

2:00 P.M. – Wow, what a nap! We’re feeling really energized now and ready to run around and play! We go outside and wrestle around with each other. We bite a little bit, but only for fun. The humans don’t yell at us because they know we’re only horsing around. Some of us like to play fetch or Frisbee with the human workers. Others like to roll around in the mud. Sometimes, there’s a competition to see who can get the dirtiest. The best part is that the humans don’t force us to get a bath afterwards. The winner gets another juicy steak as a prize.

4:00 P.M. – After all of that running around, we’re ready for some more quiet time inside now. We are all given a large bone to chew on wherever we wish. The puppies are given bones, too, but most of them abandon them to chew on other things – wooden cabinets, new shoes, and expensive designer bags are some of their favorite items. They usually ruin whatever they chew on, but the humans don’t mind. They are impressed with how well the puppies are doing at sharpening their teeth!

5:00 P.M. – Some dogs get to go home at this time. They howl and cry because they know it’s an end to their independence. Once they get home, mom or dad is in charge and they have to play by the rules. The rest of the dogs may get to stay overnight. They are using this time to plan how they’d like to spend their next day of freedom at doggy day care.

What do you think your pooch would do if they could run doggy day care for the day? Here at Healthy Hound Playground, we won’t let your dog drink from the toilet, hold barking competitions, or eat a steak on demand, but we can guarantee they’ll still have a great time! We offer dog boarding in Sterling, VA along with exercise activities, cuddle time, treat breaks, and more! Visit our website today or call us at 703-464-0056 to learn more!