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Why Grooming and Bathing Your Dog Is a Must!

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By Shayda Power & Erik Dressler – Head Groomer at Healthy Hound Grooming Salon & Spa

Sterling, VA 20166 / February 24, 2018

The benefits of bathing and grooming your dog on a regular basis can play an important role in your pup’s health.

Regular grooms or “doggy haircuts” by professional Herndon VA groomers for pups whose fur/hair grows out long enough, can have excellent health benefits as well as making your dog look and feel on their ‘A-game’! Removing excess or damaged hair will help their coat stay strong and healthful, as well as feel smooth and even silky. As a groomer works with your dog, they will get a close look at your dog’s skin and will let parents know if fleas or other skin lesions or abrasions are visible. A good cut or perhaps even a shave (aka “the lion cut”) in the summer may help your dog stay cooler during high temperatures.

Grooming in Herndon VA

Grooming in Sterling VA

Bathing your dog with a reputable shampoo will assist in removing both dirt and oils that are stuck deep within in your dog’s coat. This is important as it will reduce the chances of your best friend from developing a number of skin issues that can be caused by bacteria. Additionally, a gentle cleansing will help relieve both itchy or dry skin. Allergens will also be scrubbed away which you or your dog may otherwise react to. If your dog has any minor scratches or scrapes from romping around with his buddies (potentially in their favorite Sterling VA doggy day care), bathing will help accelerate the healing and lower chances of infection.

A de-shedding treatment or brush out with specialized groomer’s tools will help prevent excessive shedding as loose undercoat is extracted. This will greatly reduce the hassle of cleaning up fur from every corner of your home, it will also help your dog’s skin breathe and help them to regulate their body temperature.

Aside from these de-shedding services, at Healthy Hound Grooming Salon and Spa, our Basic and Spa Bath’s both include a gentle brushing of your dog’s coat. Without regular brushing, mats can develop which trap irritants and moisture against your dog’s skin and can result in skin problems and irritations. Tightened mats can cause your dog pain by pulling on the skin, so removing them can be incredibly relieving for Fido. If a groomer is not able to remove mats by teasing them out, it may become necessary to shave your pup and do a cute little “lion cut”. This is where the body of your dog is shaved and hair is left on the head, end of the tail, and next to the paws in the style of a lion.

As many dog mom’s and dad’s already know, regular nail trims alleviate overgrown, cracked, chewed and brittle nails, making it more comfortable for your dog to walk, especially on the sidewalk or pavement, not to mention they will be less likely to scratch wooden floors and furniture. Well-trimmed nails can also prevent them from getting stuck in the carpeting or pulling on blankets.

Tending to your dog’s wellbeing through regular bathing and grooming can help your dog both look and feel their finest! Healthy Hound Grooming Salon & Spa groomers have been trained in all of the techniques listed in this blog and would love the opportunity to care for your dog’s coat!