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3 Reasons Why Now Is the Best Time to Take a Trip to Washington, DC

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Are you planning to take a short trip in March, maybe a road trip? March is the perfect time to go exploring in Washington, DC! With the end of winter and the beginning of spring you’ll be bound to find many fun and interesting activities to enjoy. Plus, with the warmer, beautiful spring weather you’ll be able to really enjoy strolling around town and observing the beautiful architecture and nature that surrounds the city. Here are 3 reasons why now is the best time to take a trip to Washington, DC:SAMSUNG DIGITAL MOVIE

  1. There are many great places to eat. The Best of Washington 2015 list was recently released. This list features 100 of the top restaurants in Washington, DC for 2015. Why not take a nice trip down to DC to taste some of them for yourself? You don’t have to take an entire week-long vacation, but even just a weekend to try a fancy new restaurant will be a real treat. Perhaps you can even make a day out of it by having different courses at different restaurants. Start with breakfast at one restaurant and finish it off before heading home with dessert at another. It’s a fun, delightful and tasty weekend treat! Many restaurants are also participating in restaurant week activities in March, so be sure to ask ahead of time if there are any specials going on!
  1. Your dog will be treated like royalty. You’re not the only one that deserves a vacation. Why not give your beloved pooch its own little vacation? You’ll be happy to hear that we offer dog boarding in Northern Virginia. This will allow your dog to be taken care of and enjoy its own little vacation without being too far from you. We always offer fun activities and exercises for your pup in addition to special snacks, and even cuddle time! Your dog will be spoiled rotten even while you’re away. It’s no wonder we made the Best of Washingtonian list for 2015!
  1. There are many fun events in March. There’s one thing you can be absolutely sure of when you visit Washington, DC in March: you will never be bored. The arrival of spring means there will be many garden and flower shows taking place in the city. You’ll also find many historical events such as presentations in remembrance of the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s assassination. If you’re less of a history buff and would prefer to engage in more fun, social activities – be sure to arrive in time for St. Patrick’s Day. There are many activities taking place before, on and after St. Patrick’s Day including the Shamrock Festival, DC Craft Beer Festival, and more. Simply put, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during the month of March in Washington, DC!

There’s no questioning that March is the perfect time for you to enjoy a nice vacation in Washington, DC. All while your dog is spoiled at our Healthy Hound Playground. Now the only question is, when will you arrive and what will you do first?