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Winter Safety Tips for Dogs for Fairfax VA & Loudoun County Dogs


Winter Safety Tips for Dogs

Winter is around the corner here in Fairfax and Loudoun County and you should prepare yourself and your dog for this tough season. Summer and winter both reach extreme temperatures in some places, and for this very reason, you should always keep in mind these tips that keep your dog safe during this particular time of year.

Often, the coat on your dog’s skin is not enough to keep him safe from cold weather. Read on to learn about important safety tips that you should consider to keep your dog healthy in the winter.

Watch Out For Signs Of Frostbite

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Frostbite is a common phenomenon that begins in the winter season. The areas that are affected badly are your dog’s paws, ears, and tail; all these places can get so cold that ice crystals are formed, damaging tissues. Keep an eye out for different signs of frostbite, because it may not be visibly obvious at the beginning. Look out for pale or grey skin or hardened areas of skin. Treat your pet immediately, and keep them warm and away from snow as much as possible.

Moisturized Skin

Winter is never good for your dog’s skin and fur if you don’t take proper care of it. Always help your dog to stay free from dry, flaky skin by adding a skin or coat supplement to their meals. Fish and coconut oils are essential ingredients, so add those in with their meal, as well. If you happen to see cracked paws, then coconut oil can be applied for healing. If you are concerned please feel free to reach out to our Sterling, VA groomer.

Avoid Super Short Haircuts

Once you know that winter time is near, save that hair for extreme weather, so your pet can at least go out and enjoy some time running around. You should never shave your dog in winter. Their long and thick coats are the only natural protection they have from the cold season. If your dog is a short-haired breed, then you could look for a sweater with a collar that will give it good coverage while outside.

Dry Off Quickly

When you are done walking out in the snow with your dog, the first thing you need to do is dry them off thoroughly. Your pets can easily have rock salt, antifreeze, or any other chemical stuck to their paws which can be dangerous and may cause diseases. Antifreeze should be treated with seriousness, because it can cause kidney problems for dogs. Last but not least, paw pads are sometimes cut from snow or the ice on roads, so checking for cuts and treating them accordingly is important.

Warm Bedding

Just like humans need warm beds at night in winter, in the same way, dogs require cozy warm bedding, too. Do not keep your dog out in the snow where it is cold, but instead, take care of them like you would take care of your kids. Give your pets a blanket to sleep on, and avoid placing their bed on the floor. It’s better to provide them with raised bedding and a good environment to in which to sleep.


Weather changes are a big concern to serious pet owners. Cold weather can be harsh on your pet, and unfortunately our fur children may not always be able to communicate how they are feeling. Therefore, you can take the measures that are mentioned above to take really good care of your dog’s health. Paying special attention to your dog will keep him happy and healthy during any season.