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Vacation 101: Pet Boarding Tips

Kai during his dog boarding stay chantilly va

dogSpring is in the air and many of us are counting down the days to March 20th as it marks the official spring equinox for 2016! With that in mind, plenty of people are making vacation plans to jet set off to paradise for a relaxing trip away to welcome the new season. However, if you are a pet parent, there are a few plans you need make before head out on vacation to ensure your furry friends are taken care of while you are away. Read on to check out some tips when arranging full service dog boarding and dog day care in Chantilly, VA!

1. Plan Their ‘Vacation’ Too

While we certainly wish we could bring every family member on vacation, sometimes we just can’t take our beloved dogs with us. When that happens, it’s imperative that you plan a ‘vacation’ for them while you’re away by placing them in a professional dog boarding kennel. Some boarding facilities will keep your pup in a small crate or kennel the entire day.  Others, like Healthy Hound Playground, provide supervised cage free day care during the day so that your dogs are able to enjoy the company of other dogs and get some exercise as well.  The best boarding and daycare facilities take your pup outside on short walks to potty, instead of having them relieve themselves indoors in the play area itself. Depending on your vacation schedule, you might find it more convenient to drop off your dog the day before you plan to leave because it eliminates some stress and hassle.

 2. Pack Their Essentials

Some pet parents can drop off their dogs and leave the kennel worry-free but others like to give their dogs some of their favorite things before they depart. For instance, if your pup has a favorite toy or just loves to snuggle up with one of your t-shirts, consider packing these items with your dog because the kennel staff can make sure these things make it into their canine cottage. While you’re away, your dog can enjoy their favorite belongings and snuggle up to that shirt when they are tuckered out.

3. Plan Their Meals

If your dog follows a strict diet or eats special dog food, it’s important to plan out their meals before you drop them off to the kennel. With that in mind, grab some gallon-sized storage bags and plan out their meals for each day you will be away. You can scoop in the appropriate amount of food in each storage bag and even label them as breakfast, dinner, etc. Keeping them on the same routine while you’re on vacation can give them some comfort as kennel staff will feed them according to your directions. The same applies for any medications your pup may take.

4. Keep Them Together

If you have more than one dog, it might be a good idea to place them in the same kennel/canine cottage while you are on vacation. Some dogs seem to experience separation anxiety when their owners are gone for a few days but if you pair up your pets together, they can keep each other company during the duration of your vacation. Plus, if you leave your pets at Healthy Hound Playground, you’ll get a discount on services when you have multiple dogs.

As you finalize your vacation plans, be sure to remember the above suggestions and tips so your dog will be happy and healthy while you’re away!