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Top 5 Reasons to Try Dog Day Care

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An increasing number of dog owners are trying dog day care in northern Virginia. Dog day care presents an environment where dogs don’t get kenneled, they get lots of play time, potty breaks, and attention from staff. So why is dog day care getting so popular? Here are five reasons it’s worth trying:

Dogs playing

1.  Your dog will be happier – Dog day care means a richer, happier day for your dog. It means that your dog will have plenty of play time and personal attention and will feel loved and cared for. Dogs thrive on stimulation, especially attention from human companions, and a professional dog day care center will have experienced staff members who know how to make sure your dog enjoys their day and is happy and excited to see you when you come home.

2.  Because you work long hours – Many of us find that we’re gone all day, every day. People have very busy lives, which include not just long hours at work but also errands, social obligations, classes, and sports or extracurricular activities for kids. The result is that many of us are gone for more than eight hours a day, and that’s a very long time to leave a dog alone. Dogs need regular potty breaks outside. And leaving them alone all day can result in bad behavior, while caging them feels unfair. Dog day care means you can get everything done in your busy day without worrying about your furry friend.

3.  Because you need to travel – Most of us have friends or relatives who can look in on pets while we travel. However, this is far from the ideal arrangement. For one thing, it’s not fair to ask friends to take on the responsibilities of dog ownership – especially for longer trips. Plus, friends often swing by for just a few minutes once or twice a day, whereas dog day care can offer long-term boarding with regular exercise, attention, potty breaks and play sessions throughout the day.

4.  Because dogs love social time – Dogs are social creatures and enjoy playing with other dogs or even just being around them. Dog day care means a chance to play with other dogs in a controlled environment supervised by caring, experienced staff.

5.  To improve behavior – When dogs aren’t happy, they will sometimes let you know it. Dogs who are left alone too much may start destroying things, or may simply have too much energy and get out of control once you come home. Dog day care lets them work off that energy in a healthy, fun way.

Have you tried dog day care? If you haven’t, come visit our facility at Healthy Hound Playground in Sterling, Virginia! You can see firsthand the great service and loving care we provide!