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More Than Just a Haircut: The Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

dog bathing reston

If you live in Herndon or Ashburn, VA and your pup has never visited a dog groomer for a dog haircut or bath, here are some reasons to try out Healthy Hound Grooming Salon & Spa in Sterling, VA.

dog haircut with groomer Erik near Ashburn VA
Astro the Goldendoodle gets a haircut with groomer Erik.

It can be easy to imagine that only poodles, silky-haired collies or toy breeds really benefit from a professional dog grooming touch. The rest can be dog bathing done at home, right?

Most dogs with low maintenance coats, such as vizslas or labs, clearly have no need for haircuts. And with doggy toothbrushes and nail clippers readily available in pet stores or online, it might not occur to the average person that a trip to the groomers is right for them. But if you’ve ever tried to bathe your dog in your tub or outside with the hose, or cut a nail a little too close, chances are you’ve experienced the challenges that come with forcing your dog into an uncomfortable situation. Doing your own dog grooming can be stressful for both you and your pet, and if your dog is particularly adverse to bath time, or runs at the sight the clippers, home grooming can become something that gets put off until both you and your dog are dreading it.

dog grooming in herndon va
astro the goldendoodle dog gets a haircut in herndon va

This is the primary benefit of getting your dog to the groomers. Professional dog groomers know how to judge a dog’s temperament and comfort level, and have the right equipment and experience to make the visit as painless as possible. For example, long nails can cause major discomfort for your dog as they dig into the soft tissue around the nail while walking, running, and standing. But how do you know how close to clip the nail if they aren’t translucent? And it isn’t uncommon for dogs to have a sensitivity to having their feet handled. If your dog can’t stand nail clippers or is uncomfortable with having their paws touched, working on the feet from a different angle with a Dremel nail grinder or file may make all the difference in the world for your dog grooming regimen. A well-trained groomer can get most dog nails trimmed with precision and speed, meaning less prolonged anxiety for your pet. 

There are also services offered at many dog grooming salons that dog owners may not think of, some of which are actually preventative healthcare. Regular tooth brushing isn’t just to give your dog fresh breath — dogs can begin suffering from gum disease as early as age 3, with many dogs not showing symptoms of discomfort until the problem becomes painful and expensive. And while regular bone chewing and specialized treats and toys can help, there’s nothing as effective as a good brush. Dog salons may also offer a gentle ear cleaning, which prevents the buildup of wax and grime; anal gland expression, which helps keep your dog’s back end from becoming impacted and possibly infected; and facials, which can eliminate the tear staining on your dog’s fur around their eyes, which if left untended, can become a breeding ground for yeast infections. There are also special services for the removal of fleas, ticks, and unfortunate encounters with skunks.

For many dogs, grooming haircuts and trimmings are more than just an aesthetic choice. Dogs with golden retriever, husky, shepherd or collie in their DNA may have undercoats that easily get matted before the owner even notices. And for hygienic purposes and general comfort, trimming the areas between and behind the rear legs, as well as around the mouth and eyes, can immensely improve your dog’s quality of life and make cuddle time much more pleasant. 

Dog grooming services may also be less expensive than you think. Most facilities base their pricing on the size of the dog, with some variability based on coat condition and type, as well as the dog’s overall cooperation during the service. Your groomer will also be able to recommend how often to revisit, as setting up appointments on a regular basis (usually every 4-8 weeks, depending on the breed) can save you time and energy, and will make routine maintenance one less thing to worry about as you keep your dog clean, comfortable and healthy!