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Choose Healthy Hound Playground Doggy Day Care & Dog Boarding in Centreville VA & Chantilly VA


If you’re a dog owner in Centreville VA or Chantilly VA, you’ve probably heard of doggy day care and dog boarding. Many dog owners rave about it, and consider it a “must” for their furry friend’s health and happiness. But if you haven’t tried it yourself, you may be less sure. So how exactly does doggy day care work, and why is it such a big deal?doggies2

Doggy day care works very much like regular daycare does. Each morning you drop your dog off at the daycare facility. After work, errands or school you swing by and pick your dog up again. In the meanwhile, just like any other daycare facility, they will be supervised by caring, patient staff in a safe, fun environment.

In the best doggy day care facilities, dogs are not caged during the day—at all. While a doggy day care facility may double as a kennel, and have boarding pens available, they are not used for day care. Instead, dogs will have access to one or more large, open play areas. These areas will have obstacles, toys, and places where dogs can run, lay or nap. Often, these play areas will be indoors, so that they are comfortable in all weather. If that’s the case there should be rubber flooring, which will be gentle on your doggy’s paws and also make it easy for staff to clean up any “accidents” so your dog enjoys a clean, sanitary environment.

At some day cares like Healthy Hound Playground, each dog is taken outside for regular “potty” breaks. Staff will pick up the droppings so that the outdoor area stays clean for all the dogs.

Staff will be watching the dogs at all times. Staff is generally hired based on their demeanor, their love of dogs, and their professional experience caring for pets. They are trained so that they are treating all dogs well at all times.

Optionally, you may be able to ask staff to take your dog out for one on one play time such as playing Frisbee, fetch, or jogging. This service will usually carry an extra fee, as staff cannot pamper each individual dog this way, but it is usually a very modest increase.

The benefits of doggy day care are numerous:

  • Your dog is less likely to experience separation anxiety while you are away, and will spend their day having fun instead of moping.
  • Your dog will get plenty of exercise and stay in good shape.
  • Behavior problems often decrease, because dogs are happier and have an outlet for their energy.

If you are going away and wish for your dog to still get day care, you can always board or kennel your dog at Healthy Hound Playground.  Your pup will get a full 12 hours of cage free day care per day and sleep in a large kennel with an elevated canine cot at night!

What has you thinking of trying doggy day care?