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Healthy Hound Playground Expanding Dog Daycare and Boarding Facility

Nero at his favorite dog day care near centreville va

Healthy Hound Playground, a full service dog boarding and day care serving all of the Northern VA area including Sterling and Reston VA, recently announced the facility’s expansion. Healthy Hound Playground will be expanding its daycare and boarding capacity into an adjacent unit. Daycare will grow from its existing 2,000 square feet to 3,500 square feet of total daycare space. The entire facility will now be over 10,000 sq. feet!pups

This expansion will result in a huge 1,500 square foot daycare room dedicated to large, high energy dogs. A new room for medium sized dogs and lower energy large dogs will be added as well. The small dog room will remain as it is.

Thanks to the expansion, boarding capacity will also be increased with the addition of 35 new kennels. Five of these new kennels will be extra-large size to accommodate multiple dog households or dogs that do not attend daycare.

A doorway will be added adjoining our existing space with the new space, creating a 10,000 + square foot boarding and daycare facility. This brand new section will be open in early June and will be ready for immediate use.