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Exciting Energy: Exercising Tips for Your Dog


Every dog owner knows their pooch can sometimes be too much to handle because they have so much energy! But, their high energy antics can be tamed with regular exercise and it can even help you too! With that said, let’s take a look at some great ways to exercise with your pet so they can tucker themselves out for a peaceful night at home. Here are some exercise tips from Healthy Hound Playground, the full service dog boarding experts in Centreville, VA!

1. Fetch

A simple game of fetch can be one of the best ways to drain some of that energy! Pick up their favorite toy and toss it in the yard for them to chase. Fetch is an easy daily exercise you can fit into busy schedules and there’s no need to travel far for a game. A close-by park or your backyard can work and on those rainy days, it can be an indoor game!

2. Tracking Treats

Another great way to get your dog moving is by a simple hide and seek treat game. Grab some of their favorite treats and hide them in boxes so they can pick up the scent to search. You can set up these hidden boxes all over the house or in the yard and watch them hunt for their tasty treat. Once they find them, open the box and reward them.

3. Let Them Loose (figuratively)

One of the best forms of exercise is letting your dog participate in activities they would naturally do. For instance, take them to a dog park and let them create their own fun with other pups. This also works best if you have two or more dogs because they can be let outside in the backyard to play with each other. They will end up expending all their extra energy in a way they choose!

4. Obstacle Course

If you’ve ever watched a dog show, you may have noticed that the trainers will lead their dog through a variety of obstacles like jumps, running up steps and burrowing through pop-up tunnels. If you create a similar obstacle course or maze of activities in your yard that promotes running and jumping, you can watch them gain new agility skills and burn off all that energy.

5. Running

Running with your pooch is like multi-tasking – you will benefit from the exercise and so will they! Not only can it increase their stamina and help them maintain a healthy weight but it’s a wonderful way to expend their built up energy. However, it’s important to respect their capabilities because dogs can’t verbally tell us when they are tired or worn out. With that in mind, take a look at the infographic below to learn about the do’s and don’ts of running with your dog.