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Dog Daycare: Convenience or Necessity? A Sterling VA Healthy Hound Playground Perspective

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Dog Day Care: Convenience or Necessity?

A Sterling VA Healthy Hound Playground Perspective


Healthy Hound Day Care and Training Regular Cinnamon in Sterling VADay Care…for Dogs?  Really? Certainly everyone understands the need for a boarding facility or kennel to watch after Fido while taking that family beach vacation, but regular doggie day care?  Why do dog owners bring their dogs for regular play sessions?

Healthy Hound Playground in Sterling VA has found that the reasons are as varied as their owners.  Some work long hours and can’t stand the thought of their pup sitting at home all day by themselves.  Others want to make sure their dogs have a positive socialization experience with as many different types of dogs as possible.  Some dogs, especially the younger pups, have energy to burn and even a couple hours of play or a long walk after work won’t suffice.

Doggy Day Care provides different things for different dogs.  Whether it’s simply the companionship of humans and other dogs, access to regular outdoor potty breaks, or the trained supervision of an Animal Behaviorist– there are huge behavioral and health benefits to Dog Day Care.  Active dogs tend to be more trim, and dogs that aren’t overweight tend to have longer, healthier lives.  Doggy Day Care can certainly help keep your dog healthy and always ready for swimsuit season.

Not all Doggie Day Cares are created equal: Do your research

The delivery of the Northern VA Doggy Dare experience can vary greatly from facility to facility. A few things that are important and why they are important:

  • Regular Outdoor Potty Breaks – reduces anxiety of the anticipation of a walk, also encourages dogs to take-in the proper amount of water
  • A clean facility – facilities that aren’t properly cleaned or maintained can harbor bacteria and disease
  • 24×7 on-site staff members- ensures safety and well-being of dogs at all times
  • 100% daytime cage-free doggy day care – many facilities have “mandatory crating breaks” to allow for employee lunch breaks
  • An In-house Animal Behaviorist – ensures safety of play and proper training of all staff members
  • Separate Play Areas for Large/Small dogs – allows smaller dogs to socialize in a setting that isn’t too overwhelming
  • High Ratio of Open Space per dog – allows for ample room to roam, but also makes the occasional indoor accident easily spotted for quick clean-up
  • Cushioned Rubber Flooring – prevents slipping that occurs on smooth floors that can lead to ligament injuries and unnecessary joint stress
  • High Ceilings and Fresh Ventilation – minimizes airborne particles and allows clean fresh air for your dog at all times  Serving Northern VA’s Sterling, Herndon, Centreville, Chantilly, Ashburn, Reston & Dulles VA Communities