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How to Choose the Best Dog Boarding Kennel in Chantilly VA for Your Pup

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If you are like a lot of folks in Chantilly and Centreville VA, you will be searching for a kennel to board your dog at this summer. With all the preparations you make for your own vacation, you likely have your four-legged family member’s boarding stay on your mind as well. It’s always a good idea to do a little research to learn about the options that are out there to find the best kennel to ensure the most comfortable experience for your pup. It can be difficult to enjoy our own vacations if we are worried about our best friend back home. Luckily options exist, like Healthy Hound Playground, that can provide you peace of mind for your pup while you are away.

dog boarding chantilly va

dog boarding chantilly va

Cage-Free Day Care

Many dog boarding kennels in Chantilly will keep your pup in a small kennel or run all day and night, and only periodically take them out for short breaks, often at an extra charge to you. Staying in a confined space for long periods of time often creates a very stressful situation for your dog. Like humans, dogs are social creatures. It is now becoming the preferred practice to have dogs in a supervised cage-free environment with other pups during the day, so that they may play and socialize with other canines. This will help tucker them out so that they will be ready to sleep when it comes time in the evening to rest in their kennel.

Experienced Doggie Daycare Attendants

Knowledgeable and experienced staff and management members are essential to ensuring the safety of all dogs in a cage-free environment. While dogs do have disagreements, look for a kennel that has their employees trained one-on-one with an expert Northern VA animal Behaviorist or Dog Trainer. The best daycare’s will have a Behaviorist on their staff. By understanding a dog’s behavior, staff members can pick up on body language and social communication and avoid potential issues.

Outdoor Potty Breaks

The best dog boarding and doggy day cares in Centerville will provide your pup with outdoor potty breaks. You have likely spent time and energy training your dog to potty outside, rather than in the house on your nice floors and carpets – why take the chance that your hard work and theirs will be undone? You don’t have to. Additionally, some pups will be uncomfortable and hold their urine all day long because they are so trained never to go indoors. To maximize their comfort and your efforts choose a facility that will take your dog outside a few times a day.

Take a Tour!

Lastly, go check the kennel out for yourself. While online reviews can be extremely helpful, it is always best to get your own first hand experience being in the facility and seeing how they work. Some things to consider while touring is cleanliness and sanitation, spaciousness, dog on dog as well as attendant interaction, ventilation and the overall feeling of happiness and comfort.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will surely find an awesome place for your doggieto stay for his or her vacation this summer!