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Baron Cameron Dog Park – Reston VA

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Reston VA Dog ParkBaron Cameron Reston Dog ParkThe most popular dog park in the Reston – Herndon area is Baron Cameron Park. It is located at 11300 Baron Cameron Ave., Reston, VA 20190. It has a large area designated for off–leash dog play. Just like at Healthy Hound Playground where one can take their pup for dog day care and boarding, there is more than one play area. There is the main play area, as well as a smaller one that is fenced off for smaller guys that may be a little daunted by the occasional rough play in the larger dog area.

In 2013 there was some heated discussion about potentially building an indoor recreation center complete with indoor pool over the present day park. Many residents came out to the community planning meetings to voice their strong opposition to this type of development, which was proposed by Reston Community Center. Especially vehement were the voices of the many dog moms and dads that have frequented the park, which has been around since the 1970’s. It seems that the voices of the community were heard and instead of building over the park, the local government adopted measures to enhance the park’s facilities while retaining the much-needed outdoor space and wooded areas. Though the dog park may be moved at some future date, it will not be done away with altogether.

If you are new dog owner in Reston, or haven’t been to a dog park before, here are some things to consider when you do head over to Baron Cameron this summer. Everyone wants to have a positive and safe experience with their pups. It is important to remember that unlike at doggie day care, there are no attendants supervising the play. You are responsible for your dog’s behavior and should keep a good eye on him or her at all times. Emotions can escalate quickly with dogs, especially if they pick up the wrong signal, so it is a good idea to always have your leash in your hand and to stay close by. Another rule to be aware of is that should any “disagreements” occur between dogs, you will be responsible for any costs incurred by other parents due to an injury caused by your dog. This is pretty standard at kennels as well. Be sure to discourage any marking, humping, or third-wheeling which will help mitigate any negative signals that other dogs may pick up from your pup. Lastly, don’t forget to scoop the poop! If you do happen to leave your doggie bags at home, be sure that other owners would rather share their bags with you than leave with a dirty shoe. Baron Cameron is a great place for both you and your dog to enjoy the warm weather and to make some new friends!