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7 ways to Beat the Dog Days of Summer


The dog days of summer are finally here!

With the rising temperatures (and humidity) it’s important to keep dogs hydrated since our canine companions don’t have the capability of sweating to cool down.

Therefore to in order to beat-the-heat we have come up with seven different ways to cool down man’s best friend.

1) Cover the dog with with a wet towel

Dogs (and most animals) cool off from the paws up. Target the heat directly by soaking a towel with cold water and placing it on your dog. The towel will be a gentle cool down, perfect for the hot summer days.

2) Make sure keep that water bowl full!

One of the surest ways to beat dehydration is to cut it off at the source, by making sure that Fido has a full water bowel (kept in a cool place) it will keep your dog healthy and happy.

Tips for Caring for Pets in Hot Weather, Photo Credit: Thanks to Eddie and Beasley's mom, Melisa

Tips for Caring for Pets in Hot Weather, Photo Credit:
Thanks to Eddie and Beasley’s mom, Melissa

3) Doggie Ice treats

We all enjoy popsicles, how about giving one to your best friend. With the plethora of recipes available online it’s the perfect on to tailor to your pups needs.

4) Time to chill in the pool

Not all dogs are blessed to have a built in pool in the backyard, but all can enjoy a good kiddie pool that is a easy setup can help.

5) Sometimes all we need is a good haircut

Some breeds like the Afghan Hound or the Bernese Mountain Dog tend to have a lot of hair which doesn’t help in the summer heat. Sometimes a good haircut (or brushing) can remove unwanted hair and make your best friend’s summer a breeze.

6) Snuggle up to ice cube

What a better way to beat the heat other then to snuggle up to an ice cube…but since they don’t last long in the heat its better to fill a two liter bottle with water and stick in the freezer overnight. Trust me your dog will thank you.

7) Air conditioning

Of course our favorite way to beat the heat is with air conditioning, which we have plenty of at Healthy Hound Playground! With fresh water, exercise in air conditioning and their doggie friends to play with all day what a better way to spend their summer!

Healthy Hound Playground is an award winning dog day care and boarding facility. Located in Northern Virginia HHP is committed to giving your four-legged family members the best experience with regular outdoor potty breaks, a cage free day care environment, and an experienced staff on-site 24/7.