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5 Best Dog Gifts for the Holidays


It can be hard to find a good dog gift for the holidays, especially if your puppy’s toy box is already looking pretty full. But you don’t have to grab one more generic bone this holiday season—there are lots of creative gifts that will give your furry friend, and you, a case of the warm fuzzies. From rhinestones to doggy day care, here are five of our top suggestions:giftdog

  1. Puzzle Toy. A puzzle toy is the one toy that no dog should be without. It combines treat, play, mental stimulation and reward all into one. A puzzle toy is a toy that you load up with treats, but which take work—and thought—for your dog to sink his teeth into. They come in the form of balls and chew toys with just a few treats inside, as well as “puzzle food bowls” that are meant to be stationery and make your companion think before he gets his dinner. Your dog will never get tired of them.
  1. Bling. Don’t we all want to look great for the holidays—and year round? There’s nothing quite as cool as getting a personalized collar for your pup. Custom collars run the gamut from simple name tags to beautiful, blinged-out rhinestone affairs so everyone knows your dog’s name! They can be fun, fashionable and useful all at once.
  1. Warmth. We all like to put on a warm sweater when the cool holiday weather rolls around, but most dogs never get that pleasure. Make your dog the exception by buying them a doggy sweater! Doggy sweaters can be cute, but they’re also meant to fit comfortable and not bother your canine, while also keeping them warm and cozy. Available in holiday themes or more general colors for anytime there’s a brisk day.
  1. Toy off the Month Club. They say variety is the spice of life, and we’ve yet to meet a dog who disagrees. A dog toy of the month club will send out a new toy, puzzle, or specialty treat every month so that your dog always has something new and interesting to play with.
  1. Doggy Day Care. Doggy day care is probably the supreme gift for dogs—and their owners. With a safe, cage-free, supervised environment to enjoy all day, your dog will get to play, socialize, and use up their energy while you’re at work. Doggy day care features regular potty breaks and outside time, with staff who loves dogs. You will find that your little friend is better behaved and less stressed when you come home and still happy to see you!

What are you getting your furry friend this year?