Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding serving Ashburn, Reston, Chantilly, Centreville, Sterling & Herndon VA.

For Dog Boarding in Northern VA you can trust Sterling’s Healthy Hound Playground kennel to provide your dog with a safe, calm and caring Dog Hotel environment to reduce the amount of stress your dog experiences while you are away.

While with us, your dog will enjoy fun days of cage-free romping with his/her favorite daycare companions and in the evenings, your dog will enjoy a stay in one of our unique, large and private Canine Cottages. A staff member is on-site at all times to make sure your pup is safe and sound.

Spay/Neuter Policy

We accept intact female pups up to age 6 months for both daycare (group play) and boarding. We do not accept intact females over age 6 months for either daycare, day boarding or boarding, but we do accept them for grooming only.

We accept intact male pups up to age 9 months for daycare (group play) and boarding. We still accept intact males over 9 months for boarding and day boarding, but not for group play. We also accept intact males for grooming.

End of Board Baths

We strongly recommend that you consider signing your dog up for a bath or haircut at the end of a boarding stay. Although we take everyone out for regular potty breaks, accidents do happen in the rooms. Additionally, we walk the pups rain or shine, so muddy paws are a possibility.

24 Hours Notice for Reservation Changes (Non-Peak Dates)

We request 24 hours notice for reservation changes due to lodging constraints, especially if your dog is already boarding with us. However, we do understand that things can happen at the last minute. Note, this applies for Non-Peak dates only (no deposit required).

Peak-Boarding Dates – Deposits & Cancellation Policy

For peak boarding dates such as holidays and spring break, we require a deposit of 20% of the cost of the total board. For these dates we have a 5 day cancellation policy. If a boarding reservation is canceled within 5 days of the start date, the deposit will be forfeited.

Free Half Day of Daycare for First Time Customers with Boarding Reservations

If you are a new customer and have scheduled your dog(s) for an upcoming boarding stay, we highly encourage you to bring your dog in for a courtesy half day of daycare (under 6 hours) before your dog’s first stay. Even if you do not plan to make use of group play, we would still like to meet your pup prior to their board. This allows our staff to establish a relationship with your dog to ensure their first stay with us as comfortable as possible. Please make an appointment to come on in!


Please note that we will need vaccination records prior to your appointment. You may email or upload them to your customer profile.

As a gentle reminder, at Healthy Hound it is the customer’s responsibility to provide vaccination records in order to use our services. Our staff is not responsible for calling vets.

Rabies Required
BordetellaRequired (6 month vaccine highly encouraged!)
LeptoHighly Encouraged – Note: If your dog receives a 3 year Distemper/Lepto combination vaccine, the Lepto portion is only good for 1 year!
Canine Influenza – Highly Encouraged!

Minimum Group Play Weight Requirement

At this time we are not accepting dogs under 10 pounds for group daycare. Please contact us prior to scheduling if you require non-group play boarding for your dog under 10 pounds.

Senior Dog Health Checks Prior to Boards

For all senior pups age 10+ we require a health check prior to their board to ensure they are in a good state of health for boarding at our facility. At this time we are unable to accept dogs with serious health conditions or mobility challenges.

Sick Dog Policy

At this time we generally accept healthy dogs that do not need medical care or attention. If your dog is on any medication or has a non-contagious health condition, please contact us prior to your dog’s stay to ensure we will be able to accept Fido for daycare and boarding. Due to the nature of our business, we do not accept any dogs with health conditions that are contagious to other dogs.

Sterling Boarding Rates & Features


4 Separate Dedicated Daycare Areas Spanning nearly 6,000 sq ft


Large Standard 24+ sq ft Canine Cottages


Large Expansive Facility 18,000+ sq ft


Free On-site Parking at HHP for Dulles Airport


Regular Outdoor Potty Breaks


12 Hours of Continuous Cage-Free Daycare


24/7 Onsite Attendants


Experienced Attendants Trained by On-staff Animal Behaviorist


Multi-Dog Discounts on Daycare & Boarding


Daycare Open 365 Days a Year


Doggy Treadmill (additional cost)


Safe, Clean & Comfortable Climate Controlled Indoor Environment


Standard Boarding Rate

$25 per night + daycare


Deluxe Boarding Rate

$35 per night + daycare

Full Day Rates Over 6 hours

Full Day$35
5-Pack No Expiration!$165 $33/day (save $10)
10-Pack No Expiration!$320 $32/day (save $30)
4 Week Unlimited Includes weekends$560 $20/day (save $420)
5 Week Unlimited No weekends$560 $22.40/day (save $315)

Half Day Rates 5 ½ hours + 30 minute grace period

Half Day$22
5-Pack No Expiration!$105 $21/day (save $5)
10-Pack No Expiration!$200 $20/day (save $20)
4 Week Unlimited Includes weekends$448 $16/day (save $168)
4 Week Unlimited No weekends$340 $17/day (save $100)

Extra Services and Activities

6 Month Bordetella Vaccine$25
Lunch for Dogs 1+ years$5
Lunch for Puppies under 1 yearFree
10 Minute Treadmill Run No Expiration!$10 10 Pack: $90
20 Minute Treadmill Run No Expiration!$15 10 Pack: $135
20 Minute Outdoor Stroll$10
Boarding Photo Pupdate$5
Medication AdministrationFree
House FoodFree

Multi-Dog Discount

Dog 1Full Price
Dog 220% off
Dog 3+30% off

Multi-dog discounts do not apply to grooming services.

Pricing Example:

Drop-off: 7am Friday | Pick-up: 1pm Sunday
2 days ($35/day), 2 nights ($25/night) & 1 half day ($22/half)
= $142

2 Hour Grace Periods

Drop-off after 5pm (close at 7pm) and you will not be charged for daycare for the day of drop-off – just the nightly fee ($25).

Pick-up before 9am Monday thru Saturday (open at 7am) & before 11am Sunday (open at 9am) and you will not be charged for daycare for the pick-up day.

Note: After grace periods are over, normal charges are in effect.


  • While we do not charge to administer medication, we do require it to be brought in the original prescription bottle – do not bring medication in pill pockets, in other food items, or in plastic baggies. *Please note! We do not accept any medications that require gloves to administer.

Multi-Dog Households

  • Dogs of the same family are welcome to stay together in the same cottage, or they may stay separately at your request. There is no difference in cost.

Overnight Items

  • While we do provide our signature canine cots, it is often helpful for some dogs to have items in their kennel that remind them of home.
  • Please feel free to pack your dog’s bed, a blanket, and/or favorite toy. We want your pup to have what he or she needs to be as comfortable as possible when in the kennel at nighttime.
  • Please make sure to label all of your dog’s items with his first and last name.


  • Our meals take place at 6am for breakfast, 11am-12pm for lunch, & 7pm for dinner. We do not provide meals outside of these times.
  • There is a $5 service fee for lunch only for dogs 1+ years. Exceptions can be made for dogs that have health issues or difficulty keeping on weight. There is no service fee for lunch for puppies under 1 year.
  • If you are concerned about your dog losing weight due to the extra calories burned during daily daycare, please adjust feeding instructions accordingly.
  • We provide all meals with high quality stainless steel bowls that are cleaned after each use.
  • Unless your dog uses a ‘special bowl’ like a slow feeder for example, kindly leave all dog bowls, measuring cups and can lids at home. Make sure to label the special bowl with first and last name if possible.
  • Some dogs have sensitive tummies and owners may find it best to keep them on their own food during their stay.
  • Please feel free to bring in your dog’s regular food in pre-portioned amounts for each meal you would like him or her to have.
  • You may also bring in a large container of food, and indicate on drop-off how much you would like us to feed at each meal.
  • We provide house food - 'Sweet Potato & Salmon' dry kibble by Nature’s Domain - for dogs that do well on various brands of food. No dog will go hungry!
What to Pack in your Pup’s Suitcase?
  • Dog bed, blanket, favorite toy
  • Food – for dogs with sensitive tummies (pre-portioned baggies or one large bag)
  • If your dog uses a slow feeder, pack it!
  • Collar with name tag
  • Any medication needed (must be in original prescription bottle)

*Label all items with Fido’s first & last name.

What to Leave at Home?
  • Bowls, scoopers, measuring cups, can lids
  • Food – if your dog enjoys our 'Sweet Potato & Salmon' dry kibble by Nature’s Domain

Pack Introductions and Evaluations

At Healthy Hound, your dog’s playgroup introduction/evaluation will be on their first day of daycare, and there is no extra charge for this service. A trained staff member will gradually integrate your dog with the appropriate pack. There is not a standard duration for an introduction – some dogs take only a few minutes, while others can take longer. After the introduction has occurred, and your pup has been given some time to adjust, you will receive a call from the supervisor to advise you on how things went. To ensure the playroom stays as calm as possible, we do not allow parents to view the integration process.