Here at Healthy Hound Playground, we like to give back to our community by offering dogs without homes a place to stay while they wait for their forever home. If you're located nearby in Sterling, Chantilly, Reston, Centreville, Ashburn, Dulles, and Herndon, please consider our Dog Boarding Fosters! We work with Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland because of the excellent manner in which they run their organization, and the responsibility they take for all of their dogs. We highly recommend adopting a dog from this Beagle Rescue. They typically offer for adoption beagles, beagle mixes, and beagle relatives such as bassets, foxhounds and coonhounds. Below you will find the dogs we are currently fostering. If you would like to meet one of them, please contact us and we will set up a time for you to come in.

You may also check out the other dogs that BRSM has available.


Meet Budrow Garrett & Patch Garrett: Beagles

Boodrow and Patch_2IMG_4375IMG_4376        

      Budrow (larger ) and Patch (smaller) are beagles that came into our foster care in April 2016. Budrow is about 5 years and Patch is about 3 years. Both are neutered males. Budrow is the calmer of the two and enjoys human affection and will be a loyal friend to his future mom or dad. Budrow enjoys playing with toys and his brother Patch. Patch is quick and playful both with toys and other dogs. He enjoys both the affection of humans and will often cuddle with Budrow, while Budrow gives him a loving ear cleaning. Both of these guys do great with other dogs. They are both smart and a bit of an escape artist. They are pretty much potty trained and have not had any accidents indoors. They enjoy daycare and going for sleepovers with their 3 beagle cousins. These beagles were part of a cruelty seizure case in Garrett County MD. This is the first time they are living indoors and they have really opened up since coming into our care. They may be a bit shy at first with a new family, but will open up and become attached quickly. Both are crate trained and do well in a kennel with his brother and neither make a peep at night. If you are interested, please contact us so we can schedule an intro!! These guys are fine to be adopted together or separately. Both will go to loving families where they will have the life they so deserve!


Recently Adopted! Meet Conan Hughes: Treeing Walker Coonhound

 IMG_3304_mod     IMG_3307

IMG_3305                                                            IMG_3308         Conan Hughes came into our foster care in February 2015. He is a neutered male weighing approximately 60 pounds and is now about 2.5 to 3 years old and is up to date on all shots. He came into our care with heartworm and has received all treatment though he will need to be retested in February 2016. Conan loves human attention. He also does well in a household with other dogs, though it may take him time to learn his place in the pack. He does well in our household with 3 other hound dogs. He enjoys playing & running around the backyard, esp. with his girlfriend Casey who lives next door. Conan is more stimulated by playing outdoors & human affection than he is by indoor day care unless he has a favorite attendant in the room. He is a big time cuddler with both dogs & humans. He gets along great with humans and other dogs. Conan warms up to humans quickly and will become your friend for life as he is extremely loyal, affectionate & playful. It is best to do introductions to other dogs & humans slowly, not abruptly. If you are bringing him into a home as a second dog, intros should be done so that he knows he is second in line and preference should be given to the first dog until there are established pack rules. It may take some time for the order to be established or it may happen right away. Conan is a moderate energy dog. A fairly typical Walker hound, he loves to bark at humans & dogs walking down the street & is prone to fence barking if there is a dog that lives next door (his girlfriend Casey;). If that same dog comes into the yard, he is likely to enjoy playing with them if the other dog has the temperament to! Like a hound, he is very interested in all things food and will probably need to be trained a bit in this regard. We have not had any trouble with him counter-surfing but he likely would if left to his own devises. Conan also has an obsession with small dogs and enjoys following them around, though the other dog may not find this as enjoyable! Likely in a household with small dogs (15 pounds 7 under) he would get used to the other dog(s) being there. If you are interested, please contact us so we can schedule an intro!!  


Meet Linus:  Handsome Boxer

IMG_3372_modimage1               image2-2From Ashley, Linus' new Furever Mommy: In December 2015 I decided to start looking for a furever friend. I decided instead of finding a puppy or buying from your every day breeder, I wanted to rescue. I stumbled across Linus over an adoption website and instantly fell in love with his big brown eyes and his silly expressions. Linus was listed as being 30 minutes from where I live, however he was actually located almost 2 hours away. I decided to go visit anyways, I had to give this fella a chance. My first meeting with Linus consisted of him jumping up and giving me some sloppy wet kisses. I had to have him. Linus came home on 12/20/15, just in time for Christmas, each day I fall more and more in love with his big personality and his silly games! I owe my biggest thank you to Healthy Hound for fostering Linus until I stumbled across him! Check out this video of Linus in his new back yard on Healthy Hound Playground's Youtube Channel!


Meet Harper: Black & Tan Angel Coonhound

Harper 3   Harper 1 Harper 2 Harper met her forever family while she was staying with us at Healthy Hound. Tom and Jenn were thinking about getting a new dog and when they met Harper, they fell in love. Harper really found the right family as little did any of us know, she had a rare skin condition that the doctors found difficult to diagnose and cure. Tom and Jenn really kept at it and worked extensively with Harper on trying different foods, medications and finally allergy shots. Once Harper felt comfortable again and wasn't scratching all of the time, Tom and Jenn say that she really changed a lot and became a truly great dog. Tom and Jenn have really gone above and beyond for their little girls, Olive and Harper, and we can't thank them enough for everything they do to take such great care of their little ladies!

Meet Paolo: Foxhound

FullSizeRender unnamed-7 IMG_3542Paolo came into our foster care with his brother Rafe.  When Lorena and Robbie met Paolo, they believed he would be the perfect fit in their home and good friend for their existing dog, Koko, who comes to HHP for day care. In Lorena's words, "Paolo's transition into the house is being a success. However, the first week was a little difficult. Paolo was very anxious. He was scared of everything, and just to sit in one corner of the house to bite one of his paws, making a very weird and uncomfortable noise. He peed and pooped everywhere. And we were cooking, he just to go crazy trying to reach everything on the kitchen counter. But thankfully, things got better. Our other dog, Koko, helped Paolo a lot in his adjustment to the house. Paolo was constantly imitating Koko’s behaviors, like pretending they were sleeping when in reality they were begging, and playing with their toys when we were watching TV. And every time Paolo did something wrong like jumping, Koko growled at him, telling him that was a wrong thing to do. There were times where they tried to fight, but we controlled it with a “pet corrector” that works pretty well on them. For potty training, we started by taking Paolo out every two hours, adding more time to it every week. And every time Paolo was biting his paw and making that weird noise, I gave him a bone to chew. And not more paw biting so far. Now, everything is better. Paolo and Koko are good friends. They do everything together. They go out four times per day. They eat two times per day. They also eat lots of treats and share bones and toys. Sometimes there is some trouble between them, but “Pet corrector” comes to rescue them. Koko sleeps on one side of our bed, and Paolo at the other side in his cage. In the mornings, Koko gets up and sits next to Paolo’s cage, waiting for me to let Paolo out. Paolo loves to sleep on the bed in the mornings and on the couch in the afternoons. He is also getting more comfortable with the cat. Koko and Paolo get equal attention, making sure neither of them dominates more. Everything Koko gets, Paolo also gets it. They guard the house together and bark together. Koko is also learning from Paolo. Because of Paolo, Koko now knows how to chase the ball and squirrels. Paolo has a story with a happy ending. Paolo finally found a home!"

Meet Rafe: Foxhound

Rafe PicsRafe came into our foster care along with his brother Paolo. They were both energetic puppies that enjoyed cuddling, playing, eating and chewing up things together.  However, neither one was sad when they got adopted into their forever family. Rachel and Michael, Rafe's forever parents say, "On June 21, 2015 we introduce Rafe K George, now Raffe K Rozner, to our family! He has been such a great companion for our other dog, Rosie. It was friends at first run in the yard! They love each other so much. While we are still working on some bad habits, such as counter surfing, Raffe has been a great fit for our family. We look forward to continuing to get to know this knuckle head. Big thank you to Healthy Hound Playground and BRSM for making meeting this guy possible."  

Meet Scooby: Pocket Beagle


Scooby came into our foster care along with his brother Shaggy. They both found loving homes fairly quickly.  Here is an update from Scooby's mom.  She met Scooby when she brought her first beagle, Mason, into board with us this summer! DSC_0448 "Scooby seemed very timid at first but it did not take him long to settle in. We brought him home on a Friday and by Sunday he and our other beagle, Mason, were snuggling on the couch together and chasing each other around the yard. Scooby was extra timid around adults but warmed up to both of our children very quickly. It took him about a week to trust the adults in our house but now he doesn't hesitate to snuggle up to us and happily greets us when we come inside. We had some concerns about adding another dog to our family but we are so happy we chose to adopt him! He and our other beagle are great buddies now and he has added even more love to our family!"

Meet Gauge: Beagle

Gauge5aGauge is a handsome beagle that we didn't foster for very long because our customers, Trish and Dan, parents of Teddy the beagle, fell in love with him and gave him the forever home he always longed for. When looking for pictures for this update, they couldn't find many of Gauge by himself, because he and Teddy are two peas in a pod and love being side by side and keeping each other company. Thanks to Trish and Dan, these two found happiness together with wonderful parents in a caring home.     Gauge6aGauge4aGauge3a            

Meet Barney: Most Handsome Black & Tan Coonhound

imageView More: More:               Beamer & BarneyBarney is a Black and Tan Coonhound that came into our care in late 2013.  Barney was one of our early fosters, and little did we know the impact that this guy would leave on our hearts and lives. Adopted out and returned twice, we thought Barney was just making trouble in his new homes so he could come back to be with his foster dad, Brandon, with whom he had developed a special bond.   Turned out, third time was the charm for Barney. He found a family with Matt and Kathryn that he fit right in with, and a brother, Beamer, he loved. Pictured here is Barney with his forever family, his new little sister and also with his brother, Beamer. Barney couldn't have found a better forever family. And! We are so happy we get to see Barney on occasion. If he had come back a 3rd time, he would have stayed with us for good!

Meet Mona: Beagle Foxhound Mix

image4image3               image2image5               Mona came into our care in August 2015.  She was with us less than a month because the Hills were looking for a sibling for their beagle, Harold (who loves to hang out at day care at HHP!) and fell in love with little Mona. They were looking for another beagle to liven up the house, and so Harold would have a companion to run about with. Mona's sweet personality and love for both humans and other dogs made her an instant hit. While she has a few habits the Hills have patiently worked with her on, overall she seems to have made a great transition into her new family. You can see in the picture above that she loves not only her new parents, but her brother Harold as well who is always up for a good snuggle! Here they are at their first annual visit as a four member family to the local pumpkin patch!

Meet Shaggy: Pocket Beagle

Shaggy_BRSM_PhotoContest_1shaggy3               shaggy5_modshaggy4               Shaggy came into our foster care along with his brother Scooby. We didn't have these pocket beagles for long, as two families quickly fell in love with them and thought they would be perfect companions for the beagles they already had at home. An update from Shaggy's mom: "Shaggy was definitely apprehensive at first and showed signs of anxiety. He was very unsure about going outside for walks, but now is eagerly jumping when we pick up his leash. He loves to eat and loves to chew (destroy) his toys! He’s very active and energetic and brought a new spark to our 11-year old beagle-mix, Lucky. Shaggy loved throwing his paws around Lucky’s neck and smothering him with kisses. We unfortunately had to say goodbye to Lucky 6 months after adopting Shaggy, but eventually adopted a kitten for him to play with. Shaggy and Lucy are the modern day Milo & Otis! They LOVE each other. Shaggy is a true snuggler and loves sleeping wedged in anywhere he can curl up in our bed at night – including under the covers! We admittedly are completely obsessed with Shaggy and constantly talk about how much we can’t wait to adopt another beagle once we have a house with a yard. "