Sterling, VA Dog Day Care & Kennel

For a high quality dog day care in Sterling, Virginia, you can count on Healthy Hound Playground. We truly care for your pets and treat them as though they were our own. After all, a dog is quite a loyal companion. puppies playing We are different than other dog day care centers for a variety of reasons. With us, you can trust that your beloved pup will be treated with the best possible care. So, what sets us apart from the rest? Here is a list:
  • We take the dogs outside to potty once every two to three hours so we do not undo any potty training you have instilled into their lifestyle. Many daycares in the Sterling, Virginia area do no offer this, or they charge for this service.
  • At Healthy Hound Playground, we have a huge (15,00 square feet) facility for your dog to play in. The atmosphere is excellent—we have a colorful and extremely clean facility.
  • We do not crate any dogs. This day care center is completely cage free.
  • We have a dog attendant at the facility 24-7 to care for the dogs (including overnight boards).
  • We offer dogs both mental and physical stimulation by allowing toys in our play rooms and playing with them with the dogs.
  • Essentially, we care deeply about dogs, and it shows through our hard work and dedication.
Our dog day care in Sterling, Virginia is sure to provide you and your loyal companion the best treatment available. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our services or any accommodations necessary for your dog. You can invest your trust in us, because we are dog lovers, too!